The typical American of today has lost all the love of liberty, that his forefathers had, and all their disgust of emotion, and pride in self-reliance. He is led no longer by Davy Crocketts; he is led by cheer leaders, press agents, word mongers, uplifters.

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H. L. Mencken


In the American West, there are still today Cowboys and Indians, although they are called Ranchers and Native American Indians. It is a place where patriotism and religion is "worn on our sleeves."...more


America is the most beautiful country on earth, the American people are great , cool , much more than European or any other nation. The American Governement is trying to do its best, I hope they will ...more

American Samoa

I am an American. I am not proud. Not at all. I feel like our country is getting involved where it should not be and doesn't get involved where it should. It makes me sick reading the other statements ...more
It is amazing reading what these ignorant, obnoxious foreigners think of America. I live here, I have earned the right to speak on its behalf, but all those who speak anonymously are cowards. I agree ...more


I do hate the US, for many reasons; and that does not make me a bigot, or some kind of ignorant person. There are so many reasons, why the world loathes you people, that I couldn't write them all with ...more


You want to know why we hate America?? Just watch MTV - arrogant, self-absorbed and hedonistic. Yes, lets all spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on our 16th birthday when there are people trying ...more
EJ, I don't believe I told Claire how to feel. I merely expressed the opinion that her comments would aid people like George Bush.

You’re right, the point of this forum is to hear exactly what ...more

For the love of God, why did you re-elect Bush? And to answer your questions. No, in Australia we do not have kangaroos as the family pet. Yes, we do, in fact have skyscrapers in our major cities. ...more
Rachael, I am afraid I disagree with your statement that Australians know all about American culture and history. It as been my experience that Australians know little about America beyond what they ...more
WCG I feel bad for you if you spend your days wistfully waiting for the next attack to strike. What is the point in such a display? I for one have no intention of sitting around worrying about the n ...more
EJ, I have become a bit confused regarding your position on the issues. I hoped you might clarify a few things for me.

In your last posting you start by justifying Palestinian ‘violence’ (I thi ...more

EJ: Much better entry this last time. I agree about blogs. It is extremely difficult to avoid the quick response. I have really tried to make the effort to think through my thoughts before writing an ...more
This very project is just so American. Americans have this obsession with ratings.

I am an American living abroad. Whenever I go home, I am always asked a loaded question. People ask me; “ ...more
I read WCG’s entry about America. Yes indeed it is all those things and more. As an American who lives abroad, I can’t help notice how WCG’s perspective and focus differs from the perspective of Ame ...more
From my side of the world, what I see is a country underpinned by hypocrisy - opportunities for all yet terrible poverty, everyone equal but a desire to keep out certain types. For example, I cannot ...more
I have lived in both Australia and America and I disagree with Annie's theory that money is race based in America. In fact, the opposite is true. Race is less a factor for wealth in America then edu ...more
Karen C (the one at Berkshire), I surely hope that you have invited as many Americans as possible to read this blog. Americans need to know the fruits of their government's policies. Americans like ...more
Yono, your comment was very thoughtful and well researched. However, I believe that the data you present can be misleading because you only look at government aid. When you add aid from private sou ...more

As an American living in Australia, I just can't resist responding.

Yes it is true, Australia is littered with icons of American culture. But before you get too smug about that, ma ...more

Many Australians dislike Americans and the way their culture has invaded our own. I live in Melbourne, a wonderful city of art and culture, once littered with cafes and small coffee shops. These da ...more

Once, many years ago, when I lived in London and there was another in the endless series of Middle East conflicts a communist stopped me in the Tube to encourage me to attend a demonstration agains ...more

Nathan, thank you. Your comments clearly demonstrate, to all the world, the bankruptcy of thought on the American right.

I am no European apologist. It seems to me that the attitude of Europ ...more

Do Americans ever read beyond their newspapers, religious convictions to see what is going on in their country. The changing borders for "security" reasons, Amerodollar and NWO "DUMB"s, unconstitutio ...more
Maybe I was a little hard in my language regarding Europe. However, you misunderstood my comments. My fault I fear. Why hasn’t Europe stood up more to the Bush Administration? There’s lots of ring ...more
If you want to know what I think of America, all you have to do is watch Team America: World Police. In Australia, we don't all keep kangaroos, only zoo's. We do have proper skyscrapers, and a proper ...more
The United States is a majestic nation with a rich history and promising future that remains a beacon of liberty and a moral compass for the rest of the world.
how early can y ...more

To Peter/Australia,

You say that the U.S. Constitution needs to be changed because the Democrats have control of both houses of Congress (Senate + Representatives) while Bush was Presiden ...more

Hey my name's Peter. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I've been thinking a lot about the United States (way too much!) I don't think Americans realize how much American culture is being shoved in ou ...more
The United States Constitution needs to be changed. The fact that George W. Bush is still the President of the United States when the Democrats have control of both houses after the recent mid-term el ...more
It's funny how my favourite country in the world (after Australia) is bordered with my least favourite country in the world!
how early can you get an abortion ...more
A country full of overweight opinionated ass*****. Most of you know nothing about anything outside your own dirty backyards. Keep you fat mouths shut for a moment and listen to what the world thinks ...more
The US has become irrelevant.Regardless of cultural cross pollination, the US has become the biggest warmongering nation--inflicting much aggression and pain on innocents the world over. I used to thi ...more


I hate the us because they value economic wealth over social and community wealth. No one cares about each other Its all about getting rich materialistically and not helping each other out in the comm ...more
When deciding to write on the subject, as a regular visitor of the US coming from Europe, I wondered if I had not better stay anonymous because of immigration procedures and possible problems to expec ...more


I LOOOOVVVEEE the U.S....and I´m Bolivian...but I really do. It is the only place in the world where i can be myself, and be happy about it....everywhere else I have to change parts of myself just to ...more

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The history of the US is full of military interventions, meddling in affairs of other countries, supporting dictatorial regimes and overthrowing democratically elected governments. It is the politics ...more
Rick, I agree 100% with you. Unfortunately, politics and foreign policy are created by that 1%. Unfortunately, US people share its blame. This current 1% that rule was put in the office by votes of U ...more


I love America most of time. I love the society you build, based on strong institutions, strong law, on freedom and self initiative. I'm a liberal and I believe in the American dream.

I thin ...more


I am from the UK, now living in Canada for the last 6 years and have visited (my relatives and for vacations) the US many times. It is a mistake to generalise - but I will do it anyway! Most people a ...more
My piece of Americana which I love is going to a state fair in the late summer. Eating a funnel cake or a corn dog, pie eating contests, playing the dunking booth, the petting zoo, or winning a blue r ...more
I hate the United States government and everything it does. It makes me perpetually worried we will destroy the entire world. I cannot say heavily enough, I HATE THE US GOVERNMENT.
I hate the way they have to "help" everyone in the world...they won't be happy until a nuclear war erupts and we ALL (as in every man, woman, and child...of every country, color, age, and religion) ha ...more
Some people percieve the U.S.A. as terribly engocentric. Instead of talking about politics, specifically how your government handles international affairs, I'll pay attention to a little detail that, ...more
As a Canadian, I think many Americans are blind to their dependency upon us and other countries. I don't mind sharing, I just wonder if we're ever going to receive a simple thank you for our efforts. ...more
My feelings about America are split. I'm like the (too many) Americans who hate homosexuality but who really like their friends Bill & Ted. I have lots of individual American friends, and I know in my ...more
I think that the USA has two options. Either they start World War 3, or the country goes into complete isolation. I'm not sure what I would fear more. The American military machine is massive and quit ...more
The very existence of this web forum "Love US Hate US" is very offensive to the American people. We should give them a break and leave them alone. They are genuinely good people and are unfairly scrut ...more
I am a Canadian, who can attest to the corruption of Canadian society by the U.S. I used to see this country that I call home as a place where you can be accepted, where you can be free to be yours ...more
The religion of millions of Americans is the Almighty Dollar; their god is greed; their temple of worship the television monitor sitting in the centre of family affairs, like an idol being adored and ...more
America is everything wrong with the world. You cause a mess, and let everyone else clean it up while you parade in at the last minute under "good intentions"... Take a look at all of our modern issue ...more


I am surprised at all the positive comments. I am not very fond of American arrogance (invading Iraq without UN sanction, ignoring the Geneva convention on torture, etc.). I also do not like the way a ...more
Americans like to make rules. I like it because good rules, if followed by everyone, make lives so much easier. But I also dislike it because it sometimes make my life so complex, just look at the tax ...more
American mechanics are a loud bunch. They shout over you as if you are deaf. They also can't seem to bring themselves to listen to their customers seriously, as if all customers are just dumb cash mac ...more


I love the U.S and its people! I think this country is an example of hardworking and intelligent people. I love the way streets and buildings are designed. I love the respect toward private property. ...more


Why does everyone one this site use blanket statements? Americans always do this... French never do that....

Almost any blanket statement made can proven false in an instant. Most people all ar ...more


I personally love the US. I spent the best time of my life there. Americans never fail to impress me with their friendliness and refined manners. I've been around the world and the only country that m ...more


Come on Lisa don't give us that old White House spin that the French didn't join because of "Chirac's nasty oil deals". The US and other western powers were all having oil and weapon deals with Sadam ...more
This is a message to "anon USA" and other American posters. By posting so many comments about your own country you are subverting this site. "Love US-Hate US" is about "what the world thinks of Americ ...more
This web site is about "What the world thinks about America", yet it is packed with US citizens boasting how great and good the USand A are. Is it too much for you to take some criticism ? Ten years a ...more
This is a reply to Lisa. How do you think we felt in France for having to face almost 3 years of relentless and primal French bashing on virtually all American media without being allowed to reply? If ...more
To Kathleen. Your response is just plain stupid and sounds like an excuse a kid would give to justify a bad result in school. Knowledge of other people's culture and languages is absolutely crucial to ...more
To Ted /USA, Watch out Ted, someone might throw you his shoes one day :)
prescription drug cards p ...more
Personally I feel very disappointed with the US. In the Eighties I remember going quite often to NY. The city was at the avant garde of music, modern art and fashion. It was the world center of it, li ...more
Get rid of this incompetent president and all the neocons and creationists surrounding him. Clean up all the mess you made in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world. Close down Guantanamo. Join th ...more
America is the most worthless excuse for a nation on earth. Not because of Iraq or Bush but because their culture and society are worthless. The country should be dissolved into Canada or even Mexico ...more
What's not to love? If we're talking about the US system it is pretty great. I mean the Constitution, the 3 branches, the individual states and localities...all with self correcting checks and balance ...more
Shame, shame, shame for the US to block the negotiations about global warming in Bali. Your country should be leading the fight to save the planet, instead of making it impossible to progress. As you ...more
I have only visited the USA once in 1965. I got a freebie ticket through my sister who worked at KLM. I came straight from Borneo where I had been serving in the army and I had been in the Jungle for ...more
Hello America, since nov 4th elections we love you again as the World has seen that in the US, decent, honest, clever and caring people outnumber morons, creationnists, ignorants and war mongers. Per ...more
To Gregory. It is exactly this attitude "we don't give a damn about what foreigners think about us" that led your country downhill with Bush. It is about time you get out of your own bubble because th ...more
To John Rochester. Hopefully for you a clever black man will clean the mess made by the most stupid white man ever elected to the white house.
blood sugar chart ...more
America is a bell curve with thick tails at both ends. It has many of the world's premier geniuses and researchers and authors at one end, and at the other, there are lots of people mired in violence, ...more
Interesting article in the New York Times last weekend: "Behind Analysts, the Pentagon’s Hidden Hand". It sheds some light on how the pentagon has manipulated the US media (and the people) over the Ir ...more


LOVE AMERICA. Imagine any other country with the responsibility of the USA. What if Japan or Germany won WW2? What if China or Russia was calling the shots today? None of these countries would be so f ...more
I think the problem at large here is one no one ever considers, nor will anyone want to consider because doing so would be immoral. WE ARE NOT ALL CREATED EQUAL. We are all endowed with human rights, ...more
USA is Primitive! The USA Plays the World Police! But there is all how a Child, with a big Gun! USA is a Murderer! Many Americans think still in Germany Hitler live and the 3 realm still exists! This ...more
From a colleague in Germany: There are so many contradictions. Look at the degree of obesity and the need to drive everywhere in a car (no cycle path, no public transport. Or the fact that there are p ...more
I have respect for America. How could i hate them? They freed us when my country had its darkest time... I talk about Nazi Germany. Yes, we had war and America was our "enemy", but they had to do so. ...more
I've read a few of the comments and what is lacking in criticism of this country is the distinction between the people and the government. The Bush administration has done considerable damage to the ...more


Hi again! This may be a silly question but I am a newbie so hope someone would be able to give me a 'fools' answer to this.
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The native Americas are the real Americans; the rest are a mix. The country name should be "United States mix" not USA. The real name is just "United States," and "America" is adapted to it and becam ...more


america,no doubt THE BEST COUNTRY TO LIVE IN.i love everything about US including its culture,infrastructure and i've nothing to hate.
viagra coupon free ...more
I have great respect for this majestic nation, which has accepted freely people from all parts of the world. Perhaps no other nation had never ever done so in the recent times! Moreover, I had occa ...more


"Hatreds never cease through hatred in this world. Through love alone they cease. This is an eternal law" --Buddha

Happy New Year

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Quoted from: Tarnoff, Curt and Larry Nowels, (2004) Foreign Aid: An Introductory Overview of U.S. Programs and Policy, updated April 15, 2004, CRS Report for Congress (p.20):
"Even when it led in ...more
Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. It has about 18,000 islands, one-third of which are inhabitated. It is the fifth most populous country in the world. The distance from its western mo ...more
I agree that the USA is home to many great things (but it also is home to many not too great things as well). So is my country, and so are other countries. The USA is home to great music, so is German ...more
I don't believe in God, at least not a personal God. Therefore, it is difficult for me to understand someone who says that he is in direct communication with God, or that God speaks through him.
I read WCG's entry and would like to react. But first I would to comment on the use of the word "America" and "American" in the discussions. I know several Latin Americans who told me that they did no ...more
As Gandhi said: "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind"
can i take norvasc every other day c ...more
Talking about putting people in a corner: From "Ethics of War" (

"A Vietnam veteran was overheard rebuking the Vietnamese Buddhist monk, T ...more

I am against violence and I do not think that violence can solve any problem. But I think WGC is being unfair to EJ. EJ is only trying to tell us that if you put someone into a corner the only thing h ...more
Wise politicians, wise country, or other kind of wise can see objectively a case. The USA can't do that . . . This country poor of wise, poor politicians, poor religion--and I believe the USA to be Is ...more
In Indonesia, it is still unthinkable for a “non-indigenous”, non-Muslim, person to run for president. A third generation Chinese-Indonesian Christian, for example, is still not seen as a suitable per ...more
But the terrorists HAVE strike again! Well, not in the USA but in Madrid, Spain; London, UK; Iraq; Palestine; and in Bali, Indonesia and other places too. And believe me, it has been bad for all those ...more
In my opinion, America is a nation with a new progressive culture and always thirsty to be the best democratic country, but I think until the end of this world they never reach their idea, unless they ...more
And to Micheal Dailey, perhaps you have never heard of Charles Babbage, an English mathematician, philosopher, and mechanical engineer who originated the idea of a programmable computer.
Michael Dailey: With regards of your claim that the USA invented the aeroplane, it is not as simple as you think. It involves the exact definition of what constitutes an "aeroplane", or "flight.” Orvi ...more
The Australian government has just apologised to its Aboriginal people. The Canadian government has also apologised to its indigenous people for "actions that have had a negative political, economic ...more
For Anon who originally comes from Singapore. Don’t you think Pelé, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez, Evo Morales and Céline Dion are also as American as EJ?
can i take norvasc every ...more
I am sorry for those who see black people as the enemy and that a black president would ruin the USA. They think that they love the US, but in fact these are the people that will destroy the USA in t ...more
I agree that those comments that you consider ignorant and offensive are not worthy of serious response, but I think you should still publish them, if only to show how narrow minded some people are. I ...more
The USA, despite all its shotrcomings, has proved its greatness with the 4 November 2008 election results. Many Indonesians are so excited because besides being the first black person to sit in that ...more
EJ, your story about the Frenchman just proves that one should not believe in stereotyping. I am sure you had bad experiences with US people, but I do not it is fair to say that one should be careful ...more
From an interview with Sulak Sivaraksa, winner of the "Alternative Nobel Peace Prize":

"I was in this country [USA] on the eve of the war in Iraq, and a television man interviewd me. He said, 'Wha ...more

I can see how much suffering in my life has been caused by attachments to material things, ideas, attitudes or fears. I can see all kinds of unneccessary misery that I have caused myself through attac ...more
Oh, so this is how some USAers see this website: a place where "the whole world bashed you, your country and its people."
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Only in the USA would someone proudly announce him-/herself as being "Captain Average Gun Totting American". It does, however, tells us a lot about what kind of country it is.
From the New York Times, 21 October 2007, The United Nations of Brooklyn by Gabriel Thompson: Published: October 21, 2007. HUDOYKUL HAFIZOV, a soft-spoken, slightly built immigrant from Uzbekistan, wo ...more
WGC: The US could give more to humanity if its people did not think in terms of "USA and the Rest of Planet Earth"
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Ted, first of all I should make it clear that I am not disdainful nor do I hate the people of the USA. And I also think that you are wrong in viewing this website as “dedicated to anti-Americanism ...more

Well, well Ted. Do you really think that the USA is in West Asia just to prevent Iran and Isreal from fighting each other? The self interest of the USA also plays a big role here. Not to be involved i ...more
And Ted, the human rights record of the present US government is not that impeccable either. Cheers,
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Shylock: Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions, fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the sa ...more
One does not fight terrorism with terrorism. One does not defend human dignity with inhuman acts. Unfortunately, this is what the US government is doing in its "war against terrorism." PS: I think th ...more
I think we have reached the point where Ted's simplistic and baseless arguments are not worthy of serious responses anymore.
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AMERICA is seen as a threat to world peace by its closest neighbours and allies, according to an international survey of public opinion published yesterday.

The survey shows that British vote ...more

Sam: I am not a "yankee hater", nor do I find you horrible. But attitudes like yours do not help in building understanding amongst us. You say that the USA is home to all the legends. I think many of ...more
No single innocent child, woman or man deserves being killed.
lilly cialis coupon surviv ...more


Wow. Reading the comments here really helps to clarify the muddy area of my mind that is reserved for America. And stir up that mud at the same time.

So much good, and so much bad, all under ...more


The US could be a Lighthouse for the entire human race, they could really make the world a better place 'cause they have the power, they have the influence and the economic to do that... But the Actu ...more


First of all, congratulations to Berkshire Publishing Group for this initiative, as it takes courage to ask people to write what they think of "us" (whether as individuals, groups or nations). I will ...more
I'm an expat living in Japan, and while I think there are lots of nice people and beautiful landscapes in America, I don't think I could stand living there again. Here's what I like about life in J ...more


America to me is many Americas. I was raised by my father to love this land and the values it stood for. That was in the early 50's. I was six when I was introduced to your Reader's Digest and all tha ...more


I have lived in a few European countries and I am married to a Brit. I have served this country for 20 years in the US Army and I have noticed some things that I would like to share. America is a grea ...more


I am married to an American who lives in Europe and have travelled in the US on many occasions and count many very articulate and interesting Americans as friends. However, I disagree that all Europea ...more


I have lived in the U.S. for almost 20 years now. I am now an American citizen. Becoming one, is one of the most conscious choices I've made in may life. If I had to choose one reason for loving this ...more
I do not love the US, I may even hate the US. Their government and people do not have morals, one day you do something and the next day you change your mind, all in order to get unilateral benefits. W ...more


I just returned from America, yesterday. And I must say, the negative or positive way we may (individually) think of the U.S.A is absolutely depending on the grade of culture (had you ever been there? ...more

New Zealand

I don't hate America. I have met some absolutely fantastic people from America. It's always easy to look from the outside in, as opposed to judging yourself. No nation is perfect by a long shot, not e ...more
I studied in the USA and I have many wonderful friends, but I can no longer visit them as I refuse to be treated like a criminal and have my fingerprints taken before I can enter the country. I will n ...more


I have many American friends. I think most Americans mean well and are decent people, but they seem to be very influenced by a biased media. Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, as well as movies. Th ...more
There are things I like about the USA, even love you might say--although in debates online I am constantly called anti-American. I'll run you through what I like: 1. I like that you know how to make g ...more
I have many conflicting feelings about the USA. I hate the CIA and the current US administration, even though they gave money to Africa. That was pretty much the only redeeming thing they've done. I h ...more
There's a lot of talk about American exceptionalism, and anti-Americanism. How is the USA exceptional? Isn't every country on Earth exceptional in their own way? Perhsaps the belief that the USA is ...more
The events that have happened these last few weeks, just further illuminnates the incompetance and arrogance of US leadership. The Bush administration is supposed to represent the free market, and yet ...more
My honest view of Americans, after talking to maybe two dozen individuals there and watching their media (never been to the United States): 1. They have a strong will to be independent, despite the ...more

Oman Pakistan

I think it is not the matter of love and hate.One can't blame countries or places.The actual problem lies with the people who are engaged in policy making and procedures.Their decisions should not be ...more


Why does the U.S. continue to financially subsidize the 3rd world wreckage left by 19th and 20th century British colonialism in Africa, India, and the Mideast? Britain carved up the Mideast during t ...more


I hate Bush
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America was discovered by Christopher Columbus, so it is a continent, not just a country. Why do US citizens like to be named as "americans"? I`m sorry, but I'm peruvian and I'm american too.


I have been in America just once. I visited New York, NY and Dallas, TX in April 2003. I loved it! This is a great country. I think that American motivation to be the best in the world comes from US h ...more
Nobody whants a War, and nobody whants to loose blode. But sometime it's necessary fore continuation of life (as surgery). In the World History ware many wars. And it isn't only about death, but for ...more
nationalism is like a drug for any state. When the state is ill and going to split it can save it.But when health ones use drugs they become dope heads. They start fighting with everything around and ...more

Saudi Arabia

I'm from Saudi Arabia, and I live in the US now, actually what I wanted to say is: the biggest problem now is about what some of the Americans think about us they think that all Arabs and Muslims espe ...more


As an American living and working in Sweden, I've come to see my home nation of America in a new light. People here are quite fair-minded about the USA - I'm much more of a critic. I can say that th ...more
I hate Us for one reason, and that´s about everything they stand for in this world.A whole world can´t have wrong
new prescription coupon ...more
There´s a bitter taste in the way people in the USA see themselves as world police. You say -"It´s a dirty job, and someone´s got to do it!" Sometimes I´m grateful over it, but I realize that in your ...more


"We consider this comment both ignorant and offensive, and not worthy of serious response." But the author is right. The US are controlled by jews! And you will get that point at the very moment th ...more
I hope for you that you'll learn and become as happy as the Italians who a long long time ago also ruled the then-known world.
cons of abortion ...more


I am an American-Syrian and i get shocked when i see how typical Americans just accept their government when they do wrong, the founding fathers said that people should form militias when the gov. get ...more


Scientists or economists may love US because one always gets to learn the most advanced technology or methodology in US. However scientists or economists with benevolence heart hate the US. It is due ...more


US is a junkyard. It has no culture and the living condition is so poor for some cities. The US government should spend money on improving the country more than evading other nations!


Love: The environment, parks, and tramping tracks.

Hate: The suburban sprawl (mostly found in California and Florida - Los Angeles disgusts me, Miami sickens me)

Love: The genera ...more


As a Turkish citizen who lived in America for 3 years, I like American people a lot.But I HATE American government and policy. They are sucking the blood of their own citizens by taxes and stupid laws ...more

United Arab Emirates

I'm an Indian who has lived in the Middle East my entire life, and had the opportunity to study at Purdue University in West Lafayette for six months. The first few weeks was a culture shock to me. I ...more
I'm a Muslim, and I am proud of it. Now I am giving this a chance in saying to people who know less about Islam that it is not "terrorist-oriented." I really hope that people wouldn't think of Islam i ...more

United Kingdom

I love America. My daughter is living in NYC, in Harlem, and enjoying it enormously. I dont *hate* America, but I get very worried about the US and us. USA and 'us', the rich 5% of humanity. We liv ...more
Americans are wonderful. That's why I live here; also because I am able to overlook their insipid insistence on not eating sausage and kippers for breakfast.
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While I must say that England does have some perks, I must also say that it has so many faults—in the people, the society, the laws and the government. I say this as we are taxed beyond what any count ...more
I dislike America simply because as an English citizen I can't help but notice the brainwashing propaganda that is promoted in American films. the Americans believe in their glorious past with fierce ...more
I believe it is not America or her people that is the problem. I believe that it is governments and corporations of nations the world over that are to blame for the sorry state of the planet. The Bush ...more
As a Brit, I've often reflected on what the United States (and its predecessor, our former American Colonies) means to the United Kingdom. I think that there is is a lot of bitterness, envy, and animo ...more

This is an answering message to Nathan the American. You say that your country should have left Europe to be overrun by the fascist hordes of Nazi Germany. Tell me, my astute American friend, do yo ...more

What is wrong about the US is the ignorance of other countries, due to poor education and bad governmental awareness, and also the general racism against other peoples, and false unfair stereotypes dr ...more
I neither love nor hate the US. It's a complex place, full of contradictions - founded both on ideals of liberty and on the single-minded destruction of the native peoples, with a culture of both simp ...more
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate each and every american. They're not all the stereotypes they are thought of as. In fact, when i used to live there some of them were even quite nice. However, what i ...more
I feel that the US government is working towards ultimate global domination. They have negative influences in almost every corner of the world. The 'War on Drugs is a ****g sham. What right does this ...more
The only reason America maintains aid to Israel is so that it has in reality a land-based aircraft carrier in the Middle East.

However, if those peaceniks Bush and Rumsfeld are stupid enough to co ...more

When I was a child in the 1980's it seemed that the USA was great. The US itself was probably more liberal in the 80's than it is now; coupled with the materialism and greed in Britain at the time, ...more

First of all, I HATE USA. Like every single European, American (I don´t know why USA citizens call "America" a country, when is called USA, and America is the continent), Asian or African.

They ...more

You can't hate a nation when it has 200 million different personalities, you can generalise stuff like they say we have bad teeth and we say they are all fat TV watchers, but I think it's a fine natio ...more
I do not hold anything against the people of the United States. However, the same cannot be said of their Government. Hitler was once quoted to have said "It's a good thing for leaders that the masses ...more
This is not strictly about the Ameican nation, but more about an ex-vice president of America, namely Al Gore. He's an American so I'm writing about him on this site in the hope that he might read it. ...more
I love living in the United States. I believe that the outsiders cannot judge the people or the country until they come and experience it.
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What emotion does the word 'Terrorist' create in you. What emotion does the word 'Bee Sting' or 'Car Accident' or 'Peanut Allergy'? The fact is that bee stings, car accidents and peanut allergies caus ...more
It's strange isn't it? Twenty years ago, there was an international dream that the US was the place to be, the model to follow, a culture that was near omnipotent, and the world loved America.


USA created by free thinking deists and crucified by Christian bigots like the Klu Klux Klan. I wait to see if the black shadow of freedom Obama makes any difference. America has the worse record on ...more
I have visited the United States of America several times: 1987, 1991, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2003, and most recently in 2005. I am an amateur photographer and have taken tons of photos of people and place ...more
The rise in religious fundamentalism scares me. When a country's leader believes he speaks directly to God, really bad things can happen.
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I love America, I really do. My family is from Israel and I still have family who live there. What would we have done without America? I class myself as English but I can't say I am proud of it. We ...more
I listen to your diplomats, world affairs experts, read your science (mainly in 'New Scientist'), I read your psychologists, social psychologists, and the "self-help" healing and self help literature. ...more
Hmmm... So George Bush expresses his deepest regret over the latest college slayings, does he? Will he ban guns? No. Does he express sympathy for the hundreds of thousands of dead innocents in Iraq? N ...more
I just watched an episode of South Park that finally allowed to me understand the truth about America. Says something about your country, doesn't it, when an immature cartoon opens a persons eyes! Any ...more
America is the country with the largest economy yet it refuses to tackle global warming because it might damage the economy. It is trying to stop the EU lending money to Airbus because Boeing is scare ...more
So, Mr. Bush has decided to increase troop numbers in Iraq by 20,000, has he? Good. To withdraw now would be catastrophic, and as much as I hate the man and his country, at least he has the courage to ...more
Only in a country where you can buy your groceries online and have them delivered to your door in an hour. It's wild that people in America do that.
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I forgive America and the UK for Iraq because I am a Christian. I can understand why most of the world can't, though.
when will bystolic go generic ...more
I still can't rationalise the logic of the US thinking of itself as,"The land of the free," democratic and anti-colonial, when the very land they occupy was stolen from the indigenous population.


A world with far less human population and consumption , coupled with far more common sense is severly needed these days. This species has taken a huge toll on this planet. nations, especially the u.s ...more
BRIAN said to me (can't remember when, but I just re-read this) [see the Top 20] - regarding the rate of infant mortality in the US versus other parts of the world: ""Also realize that you are treadi ...more
The Founding Fathers were brillant men, but though they tried to account for all possibilites, they were after all only human. They were unare able to account for every contingency, as none of us are ...more
US is the most hypocritical country on the face of the planet. Americans, especially those with power and in corporations are the worst. "We are righteous, have high regards for others, and we treat ...more
I am sure that most people that have entries on this site are far more educated than I. There is one thing thought hate, love it doesn't matter then current condition we are all in is caused by us all ...more
Those around the world who judge, mock, and criticize the USA deep down only want to be like us. Green with envy! We are the greatest, biggest, best, baddest, and meanest-- and I say that with pride!< ...more
I am writing as an American who is deeply troubled by the direction of our nation's current foreign policy. If we continue down the path that we have taken over the last five years, we will continue t ...more

Iraq – Iran – Bush – South Korea – Oil - This is all you hear and see in the news as of late. Are the news boys the voice and mind of America? I would have to say; Yes, they are. The problem I have ...more

I'm cringing at how people are sterotyping every single person in the U.S., and how Some of the Americans are screaming back 'You wish you were this awsome!' People in the U.S. are like anyone else. ...more
I think the biggest problem with any country (including mine) is that its residents do not understand the world outside of theirs except through outdated books, skewed media sources, and thus the grou ...more

I've noticed comments on here about how the USA trys to be the world police, or Pax Americana...

It is true. But for reasons others might not realize. The problem with America is simply denia ...more

May God Bless Us All as so many of us are blessed to continue to live in the days of freedom and happiness.

The peace we know here on any given day is beautiful to behold, beautiful to contempl ...more

I've been noticing lately on a lot of websites and encounters that I've had with Australians living in the US, the biggest impression that we've unfortunately made on them is we're a bunch of ignorant ...more
There are times when I want to hate America. It has become self involved and apathetic about life around it. However, I love the America that used to be here. The America that used to be proud of wha ...more
I still think we can redeem America but it won't be with more of the same. I laugh at the Democrats who worry about Barack Obama not being seasoned enough. John Kerry had plenty of seasoning but it co ...more
America is unique in many ways. One of the most important I think, is that this that one of this country’s most contentious issues is a moral one. I cannot think of any other place where moral issues ...more
Hey, ill be the first to say we do have our problems. We have our bad people but hey so does every country, but most of us are good caring people. I do think this site is a little offensive. Everybody ...more
I love America! Yes America has made mistakes but what nation has not? I don't know of any nation that is perfect or will ever be perfect. Other nations do awful things everyday. You just do not hear ...more
No matter your religion, no matter your political party, as human beings the thing that we universally share is the desire to be happy. That applies to the child in Iowa and the eighty year old man in ...more
I live and work and thrive in America, New Jersey to be exact. I feel that the world sees this country through prejudiced eyes. Not a racial bias but an economical bias. Look, I hate the way this coun ...more
For the past year now I have been watching every video and reading everything I could on "Hidden Agendas", The government "behind" the government and conspiracy theories. I love this country I live in ...more
I would love to tell you what I really think of what has become of this country, but I don't want the FBI to knock my door down. Do intelligent people really think we support or can control what they ...more
I'm sick of hearing other countries talk about America and saying it's a worthless country. Yes we have bad things every now and then but I'd like to see your country do people are all ju ...more
Did you ever wonder why the US presence in Iraq was determined as our nations highest priority? Top motivating reasons for US involvement were given as: terrorist training camps, weapons of mass-destr ...more
E.J, You actually think we reelected Bush. It was a set up. He wasn't even supposed to be president the first time around. His brother in Florida stole the election from Gore. It ain't our fault......more
I believe that the nations of the earth are far too critical and judgmental of the United States. Arrogant, ignorant, haughty, pompous, and egotistical. Worse than these, is that they are all sufferin ...more
Sad to see that the majority of the comments being made on this site are in such an angry, negative vein. May I suggest that each comment being written be considered as someone's permanent last words ...more
Alex, Just as you don't like stereotyping of Australians...American stereotyping is not liked much either. Not ALL americans are stupid, fat, ignorant of the world, etc. Just as not all Australians ha ...more
I am an American currently lining in America. I'm 26 years old and serving in the US Army. I'm telling you that for background information. NOT because I feel my opinion is more valuable. As a ...more
It's not "America" that is the problem, it's the _People_ of America that is the problem. Half of us want to progress and stay innovative in the global economy. The other half is racist, ignorant, and ...more
For your information: The budget of the American Pentagon in peace time is 600 billion dollars. [$ 4,700 per taxpayer per year]. If it were a country it would be the 11th economy in the World: more ...more
Anon USA: Chris Rock's choice of words was unfortunate. But I agree that the present president is retarded. Barak Obama, on the other hand is a super gifted person. Are the American people ready ...more
I am from the United States and consider myself fortunate to have been born and raised here. My parents came here from Mexico. They were both very unwealthy. Next semester, I will be attending a priva ...more
U.S. - the "love it or leave it" ideation is the most f***ed up thing I've ever heard. If you love your country, it's your responsibility to fix it, and more so if you don't. Glancing around this site ...more
From Chris Rock: Is this country ready for an African American president?" Rock answered, "It's ready for a retarded president, why wouldn't it be ready for an African American president?"
E.J.: Oh, how the narrow minded think so highly of themselves. You seem to think that you are the smartest person on here but many of your facts are wrong. Australia is actually said to be the main ...more
America is becoming a scapegoat for everything global. We aren't helping any ourselves either. We claim war on terror, yet we trade blood for oil, claim free speech and lavish lifestyles I've never se ...more
A great book to read everybody: "The little girl and the cigarette", by Benoit Duteurtre. It is a quick read: one afternoon, but it will give you a lasting impression of the absurdity of this society! ...more
I think it's understandable that other countries don't provide open forums to debate like this one. Places like Europe could not handle such critism. Americans can endure plenty. We have for years wit ...more
People like E.J need to do more than complain about issues and do something to change the world. I know I do what i can. I'm not saying America is perfect, nowhere is, but I try. Do you?
As a young American (16), I've found that many Europeans tend to have a warped view of the U.S.A. Surely it is not the public's fault; it is the media and governments of us both. Sadly, (and this is h ...more
One other thing: People tend to think our government is Democratic, but they forget this: It is Democratic-Republic. This means that we elect officials as representatives, who make decisions through d ...more
For those people who "hate", or at least, dislike, America (or U.S., if you will) and live here, but were born and raised in Europe, I am curious: Is it merely because things are run differently here ...more
"People like EJ", who are American citizens do not all feel American. So why should I bother to want to "improve" America. That is something uniquely American that if you don't like it you should do s ...more
EJ's discussion of "America, right or wrong" sent me looking for the original quote. Found the following at

"Synonymous with gung-ho, chauvinist ...more

The following is my opinion. I do not claim to be an expert on the: field of world politics, the military(s) of the world, or to be an expert on world politics. I joined an online support group. The h ...more
A recent comment here talked about having President Bush and his administration be judged by the U.S. judicial system. That'll never happen. But a friend of mine poses another solution. If Bush, Chene ...more
America "lost" the world's support and sympathy when american people re-elected President Bush. That was unforgivable. And now the Democrats won't impeach him, far less try him and his cohort. Al ...more
Here's a strange thing about the U.S.: all our paper money (notes, bills) is the same color and size. Not very sensible, and I always admire the design--both aesthetic and practical--of other currenci ...more
From Berkshire Publishing: We're terribly sorry - in the course of deleting spam (lots of spam) we accidentally deleted two recent posts. If yours does not appear, IF it was not proposing viole ...more
America is Overrated. it is boring. it has a great military but that doesn't do anything for it's people.
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america is overrated
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Whatamess, I don't think the American people "asked" for the laws and policies implemented by the Bush administration. They were more like, let's say, "thrust upon," e.g. The USA Patriot Act. While I ...more
I am an American, and having just found this website I have to say I'm deeply embarrassed by many of the American comments on here, saying things like all other countries must be jealous and we are th ...more
I find it truly shameful that so many people who have probably not yet pulled their heads out of their asses long enough to actually visit the United States, enjoy indulging in its faults.

Yes, ...more

I accidentally came across this site and after reading many of the entries, found it little more than a catalyst for those who enjoy finding fault, expressing petty jealousies, and wielding the pen li ...more
whatamess, We are glad you have gone home to your colony now too. you have no patriotism, and you openly bash your own country and express your hopes for our downfall. 300-plus million people in th ...more
The United States has firepower, it has political power, it has a propaganda machine, it can get away with things the average nation wouldn't dream about. People talk about the US, and there is no suc ...more
Bush is bad for the world, not just America. The people don't want him.
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I'm an American proud of our constitutional principles. But I am disgusted with the politics and hypocrisy our country practices. Might does not make right, the average person in any country just want ...more
America isn't perfect and it never will be but that said I have a deep love of my country for the same reason we all love our countries. I was born here, I firmly support my countries ideals even if o ...more
as an American citizen,soldier,and patriot ilove this country.aside from the afore mentioned i am also an individual i do not always agree with what im told to do,but until more people get off there ...more
Some of these comments are ignorant to the point of embarrassing. to candy... "As a Canadian, I think many Americans are blind to their dependency upon us and other countries. I don't mind sharin ...more
I hate that everybody in this country keeps bitchin about the same things but never does anything about it except post notes on a web page...take that America and don't make me write another letter....more

Its easy to speak about WWII because we came out on top--Just because we pretty much saved the world 50 years ago does not give us the right to wave it over everyones heads say, "hey you owe us big ...more

I've come to the conclusion that as an American, I will probably be hated no matter what I do or where I go outside of this country.

I find it kind of amusing that people all over the wor ...more

"Yet somewhere along the way we get labeled as 'bad' and 'arrogant'. Really kind of funny. We get dragged into two European wars and then they criticize us."

I feel compelled to respond t ...more

"Americans always try to do the right thing after they've tried everything else." Winston Churchill 1874-1965 United Kingdom I think Mr. Churchill was forgetting that we saved his ass from Hit ...more
The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was in response to the December 7, 1941 invasion of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Japan during WW2 provoked the United States into a Pacific war and therefore we had no ...more
This is for the person that thinks the bombing of Japan was something to celebrate. I can not believe that someone is proud to be an American after what happened to Nagasaki and Hiroshima. That alo ...more
Bush does not, nor has he ever claimed to "speak directly to God".

No child in the U.S. dies of starvation unless he's been locked in a closet by a psychotic caretaker.

No such thing as " ...more

This site is very interesting form my point of view. I'm an American, but the conservative groups that sometimes (but not anynore, yay!!!) dominate our politcal system would call me a "liberal extremi ...more

Here is what to love about america.. the people have the opportunity to become what they want to be. They can practice their own religion freely as long as it does not using illegal drugs, human sa ...more

America has become more arrogant, greedy, materialistic, myopic and self righteous over the last 50+ years of my life. The U.S. goverment has always been in collaboration with wealthly capitalists, wh ...more

America. Sweet, sweet America.

America is an artist's palette filled with hopes, dreams, and ideals. If this palette is given to a true artist, he will paint a masterpiece. If a child take ...more

America may be helping to destroy the world, but I recognize it is doing more than anyone to try and save it. We have always been committed to science, even science that makes us look bad. When I get ...more
I have a question for my esteemed British cousins who throughly enjoy trashing the United States on this web site- what is it that 'America' is doing that you yourselves are not? We invaded Iraq. So d ...more

I was born in the U.S and have lived here all my life and I hate it. I feel like if we are all cattle, being controlled by the system. We don't have any real freedom, they tell us what to do, how t ...more

Rouge State, by William Blum

That’s all that needs said! We have strafed so far from the simple "American dream"!! Material comforts, Greed, Corruption, cloud the minds of our population. E ...more

I live in the United States. I find our biggest problem is that people simply dont question things enough. I'm not talking conspiracy, I'm simply talking about anything. People dont question how we ar ...more
I can honestly say I love this country. This is based on my firm belief that I would not like to live or raise a family anywhere else. But then again who doesn't love the country they grew up in... ...more
Coming from Australia, living in the United States is like being in a movie. When I came here back in 2002, I was astounded at the fast-paced living here compared to the laid back attitude and way of ...more

What are you thinking and hearing in your country about the U.S. financial model? How do you respond to this Wall Street Journal story about ...more

America is NOT the richest people in the world. By GDP we are 3rd, but by a debt/assest balance sheet (the standard for all accounting the world over) we are 12th. And both of them are skewed beca ...more
Why should America give a care? Everyone wants us to make their lives better at our blood and dollar. Yet the world happily heaps up everything we offer while crapping on us. Why do I care? Take care ...more
After living and being suppressed in eastern Europe for 32 years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, there is no place I'd rather than the United States. America to me is a bright shining star of hope ...more
America's greatness should never be questioned. And this is why...

We are the only nation on the planet to put man on the moon and safely return home.

We are the birthplace of aviation, t ...more

To quote Jim Traficant..."I hate the government and love America." The government is too much involved in our lives and is too big. It is also too involved in foreign affairs. The people here are g ...more
Living in America.. It seems as if the majority of Americans have been misled and they believe. They believe that money and things are the dream. Thus hate is created and all who oppose are stung dead ...more
While I recognize the extent of my own nation's misdeeds and shortcomings (Iraq, failure of the "War on Terror", abysmal healthcare system, etc.), I do not agree with those who make blanket statements ...more
I am glad to see that more people are referring to their idea's of the US's faults as those of the government instead of that of the people. I've noticed that many people on this site have criticized ...more

It is baffling that there is even a web site dedicated to anti-Americanism.

As an American, I could care less what the world thinks of our nation, people, culture, heritage, and values. ...more

Angie from the Virgin Islands: Your are a teenager with so much maturity. Your observations are right on. I know this site does not encourage dialogue, yet, but I want to tell you to study hard and ...more
I can't wait to grow up... to spend three more years tormented by the 'no child left behind' act... to either be drafted or to not get a job and live in squalor with no health care benefits...

Or ...more

In response to Yono Indonesia,

Every nation looks out for their own self-interest, including the United States.

I have travelled many places in this world. I say this not becau ...more

To Ted: you are a good example of why foreigners have a bad impression of Americans! And what's more, it is always ignorant people who are the most vocal. Don't you think that the 52 or so % who re ...more

Angie (Virgin Islands): I appreciated your comment. If you can watch the Colbert Report, you should. It adds a little of the desperately needed humor we need on these stressful issues.

I have ad ...more

Shortly after September the 11th,. a very famous country singer from Oklahoma named Toby Keith composed a song to express the frustration, anger, and need for revenge on the rest of the world. These a ...more

I congratulate you on gloating over China's economic miracle. Do enjoy it! But I will also point out to you, no matter how powerful and big China becomes in the 21st century, they will never match ...more

Lost comment! A not from Berkshire Publishing: in checking new comments and clearing spam, I have accidentally deleted one posted in the last two days. If you posted and do not see your comment ...more
I honestly wasn't aware of how many people worldwide strongly disliked the United States because "everything we do affects other countries." Nor was I aware of the lack of intelligence some people hav ...more
First of all I love America because of the freedom that we have to do what we want as long as it is legal. The thing I hate about America is that we forgot that this country was formed because we want ...more
To be honest I believe that the United States is just like every other country in the world except that we are in the spotlight. Whenever something in the world goes wrong, the US is in one way or ano ...more
America is a country where we interfere because no other country has the firepower to deal with all of these international problems. The U.N doesnt have the authority to use violence so who else do yo ...more
Americans should be appreciative for the freedom and opportunities we have. Remembering that there are many countries who do not live in a place where you are allowed to make your own choices and be a ...more
Machiavelli said, "It is better to be feared than loved." This is what it seems like the US is living by, but rather than feared, we are hated. I do not love the US but I am glad that we have it. We a ...more
I believe that everyone on the Earth needs to help one another out. Separate we can not do a thing, but together we can accomplish and help so many. Especially people living in America who are so fort ...more
America is a power-hungry place with lots of political leaders who only want to further their own position.
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While the "American Dream" appeals to others, as an American I can truly say the "American Dream" could never exist. We all live in the same world, of love, of anger, hate and sometimes even peace. Al ...more
I like America, but I don't like America. Maybe I just don't like some of the people in it who just don't seem to care as much as others do to be helpful and kind and keep the world an honestly better ...more
I think kids in the US are spoiled because the country is so wealthy.
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I feel very fortunate and lucky to live in such a wonderful country with so many opportunitites. However I am fully against war. I am completely against the War In Iraq and believe that we have no bus ...more
Reading these posts made me see that America is hated by many but liked by many too. It is always going to be hard to please everyone and I feel that people have such high expectations that if somethi ...more
It's hard to imagine living outside the US for me. IF we were taught better about how life is not always the same everywhere, maybe we could feel for other countries.
can i ta ...more
I find it interesting when places like Africa criticize the U.S. when there are entire villages and regions that depend on U.S. aid--feeding, housing and providing jobs through various programs. Yet, ...more
I cannot understand why America, where we are egalitarian and respect workers and reject class and caste, has become the tipping capitol of the world. Foreigners find it awkward and bizarre, and surel ...more
I believe that people should be commenting on what they "think" America is like if they have never even lived here. Those opinions are based purely on what they have heard, rather than what they have ...more
I believe that America is a country of pride, and is notable for taking strength from within its own actions. It is a melting pot of different ideas, and the unity of its citizens is at times incredib ...more
I've lived in the US all my life, and while I agree with many people that our government is corrupt and Bush has made a mess of everything, there aren't too many other places that I would rather live. ...more
I believe that other countries should stick to their own problems. Everyone and every country has problems and I do not understand why ours are known worldwide.
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The fact that turmoil exists between American citizens is a good thing as long as it remains civil. The reason that the turmoil is positive is because it is one way that we exercise the freedom that w ...more
America as a nationally and politically sovereign entity is morally reprehensible in its actions since its inception. America has been built upon the genocides and deaths of billions of people, and th ...more
Democracy and multiculturalism are a natural mix for failure. It's all only a matter of time before the downfall of democracy in the US. We can only hope a new more forceful "government"--who doesn't ...more
Ahh the misplaced hate of the ignorant. Seems most of these people have been feed ed the misguided propaganda of the media or other sources. I will not defend the US foreign policy. It has its mistake ...more
America's problems are brilliantly summed up in Michael Moore's new film, "Sicko." Our world-class medical system is letting down so many people because it is controlled by corporations who control ou ...more
I hate my country. Really.

No free healthcare, prejudice, backwards laws, poor treatment of its own citizens compared to foreign guests of the state (including prisoners), election fraud, human ...more

The United States of America died decades ago and the Socialist States and Managed Economy of AmeriKa that replaced it bears little resemblance to a Government of the people, by the people and for the ...more
Can you imagine working for a company that has a little more than 500 employees and has the following statistics:

* 29 have been accused of spousal abuse

* 7 have been arrested for frau ...more

I have no famous quote, no intentions of debate, and see no purpose in apologies. I am a citizen of the United States of America. Regardless of my educational background, my understanding of world ge ...more
I keep seeing the issue of how Americans are violent, greedy, and rude. And I wonder, how folks in, I don't know... UK for example, would act if their country was as large and diverse as the US. Not ...more
Michel.....The US has ALWAYS been bashed by the world's media and still are. We are no better or no worse then any other country, but we are constantly under the worlds microscope which baffles me. J ...more
Michel...Greenspan has since recanted on his statements and the Oil for Food scandal is not "White House spin" as surely you must know. Your own countrymen reported on the Oil For Food program and man ...more
To (most) Americans visiting this site: As I understand it, this is "Love US Hate US - what the world think of America". Obviously calling for foreigners to

state what they think of this country a ...more

America needs more diversity; an African American president is the answer.
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Reading these comments from foreigners, I feel bad sometimes knowing we cause other countries to believe we are very unwelcoming and greedy. However, it is also good to hear foreigners admire our free ...more
The bottom line is that no one (no country) is perfect, especially America. We have to learn to cooperate with one another, and to stop fighting, though everyone is entitled to their opinions.
I want to ask all of the foreign people who now live in America a question. Do you believe that your home country is soo much better? THEN WHY DID YOU LEAVE THAT COUNTRY TO LIVE HERE? If you ...more
America definitely is not a perfect country, but neither are all of the other countries. It's certain that everyone makes mistakes and are involved in controversy every day. I think that it is importa ...more
I do not like my home country better than any other. I am not patriotic. I have lived in quite a few other countries before coming here. I feel more like a citizen of the world. No particular attachm ...more
The USA is not always perfect because it is constantly handling many disputes. There is definitely room for improvement in handling these disputes, but the USA can't do it alone.
America has its definite perks and opportunities, but overall there is so much devastation. So many areas are in ruins - trying to be rebuilt with the money we no longer have due to the unnecessary wa ...more
I'd have to agree in some sense with the more cynical views of America. Although freedom is not something to be taken for granted, I believe that sometimes freedom is almost overused. The media pries ...more
America is a great nation that only wants to better the world.
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I feel that the government makes decisions that the public view does not agree on. The actions the government takes are the only thing the rest of the world sees. That is not the view of the people ...more
I think that the rest of the world views the United States as a cruel country when, although wars have begun, the government believes it will help the world to be more peaceful in the future. Many peo ...more
I can only begin to understand the different reasons why many people either hate or love America, but I am still so curious. I am now aware that many citizens of other countries have never visited Ame ...more
Hey Anon, America is not "at the center of the buzz". This is a site about "love it or hate it" discourse, for people to give their opinion. That sure does not mean the rest of the World is so preoccu ...more
The anger and hate of Europeans, Asians, Africans, Australians and Americans should be directed at the government and not the people of the USA. I don't hate anyone from these continents, and am dism ...more
This is a reply to Michel from France. If there were a web site titled LOVE FRANCE/HATE FRANCE~ WHAT THE WORLD THINKS OF FRANCE.....would you sit and read without commenting, while the whole world bas ...more
I'm an American, and I am disgusted with most Americans. We are fat, stupid, lazy, and boorish. We view the world in such a narrow prism--it's pathetic. We complete stole this land and kill off the ...more
It's a shame most of you base your opinion of this country on the 1% that control the power and the wealth here. The average American Joe would rather see the wealth & resources spent here and not ab ...more
From Bill Maher: "But, you know, the days when a shop girl in the big city could support herself working a full 40-hour week, or a family of four could live off a single blue-collar breadwinner, are a ...more
The problem with America is that the lack of freedom that other countries suffer from is becoming too predominant in America. Socialized programs and governmental interference is not what made Americ ...more
I hope the rest of the world will also focus on all of the good that we in America try do around the world. We are a GOOD people who have elected a BAD leader, and we will deal with it in our upcomin ...more
If you're going to criticize us, do it right. NO ONE is all good or all bad, and these huge streams of garbage about how awful the US is aren't remotely helpful. This is an experiment, not a verbal t ...more
If you people are so mad at Bush, just wait about 2 years or so, until the next election, then you can elect whoever...
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The US is not God. We did not cause all of the problems in the world and we cannot fix them all. People need to stop obsessing about blaming the US and find solutions to their own problems. I love the ...more
I think there is a definite double standard when it comes to the rest of the world and the US. If we get involved, then we are meddling. If we don't get involved, then we are isolationists and i ...more
To EJ who said: "In Europe's many countries, children travel at an early age to each others countries, learn languages and the history and customs of these countries. They know other people don't do t ...more
We've surely become a nation of self absorbed idiots. Nothing matters to the majority apart from the next stupid sitcom, a full gas tank for the Suburban and a belief that they are special simply for ...more
As a young American teenager, after reading so much about global anger towards the U.S.A. and suspicion of the United States wanting to control the world and the war in Iraq being only to kill the Ara ...more
Kathleen: My daughter spoke English, German, Dutch and French when she came to the USA age 11. In High School she learned Russian and Chinese which she continued in College. And we have Russian and C ...more
Here is a story that shows that America "share what she has with the World" and continues to do so, as WCG says.


SCOTT JAGOW: "New Delhi is India's tech capital. Lot of Ame ...more

Wow! Some of the things on here really hurt my feelings...I know that you have those in other countries because I am one of the 20% of Americans with a passport and a post secondary education. Its f ...more
To everyone who wonders why so many "foreigners" here become citizens?: It is not because we love it here so much. It is simply because the government TAXES YOU 60% if your spouse dies. If you are ...more
I highly recommend everyone to go to: It is really a great site to see what the World says. One good article I saw today is from The Australian, Australia: Nobel Peace Laureate ...more
Responding to Rob is very easy. He made an emotional, uninformed and incomplete comment about the President. Perhaps a review of the previous 5 presidents accomplishments, or failures, and then an 'op ...more
Ive read several people mention about how the US always mentions we 'saved their asses' and came into the world wars at the last minute to steal the glory. I love revisionist views of history. First o ...more
I am going to try to formulate my thoughts as best I can: First let me emphasize that I will not be referring to us as Americans, but rather the people of the United States because American can mea ...more
These generalizations are moronic. Get a life.
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Seamus: What else can one use but generalisations. "No generalisations" seems to be an excuse for everyone to hide behind. In short letters, and unless you want to speak for hours, you must use ge ...more
I am an American, a mid-westerner to be more precise, and a Saint Louisian to be exact. My views on America are optimistic for now, pending the election in November. I see America as uncomfortable, on ...more
I've lived in many parts of the world (I am originally fromthe Czech Republic) and I always keep coming back to the United States for some reason. Europe is nothing but a failed welfare state plagu ...more
I hope that there are people out there in countries other than America that agree with our ways of dealing with foriegn beliefs and policies. The way the U.S.A treats the boundries of other contries w ...more
See America and meet the Americans all around the country. You will be surprised at how wonderful a people Americans can be. Not to say we do not have some rotten apples, but they are not in every bar ...more
Here is a comment from an American found in the UK Observer newspaper: "I hate to say this, but we're a bunch of rubes in America. We don't think for ourselves. That's the #1 reason why Bush gets away ...more
I don't know why I was particularly drawn to view the comments on this website. Perhaps it's a natural curiosity that has brought me here. What I learned about non-Americans has been far more compelli ...more

Well then, Brian, America is not a melting pot but a garbage bin?

I still believe this American man quoted in the British newspaper from my last entry. He really put it in a nutshell. I cou ...more

I'm an American, and I do believe my country has many faults. Yet, I'm perplexed as to why so many lament America as the sole contributor to the world's problems. There are nearly 200 nation-states ...more
I do NOT, I repeat do not, support either the domestic or foreign policies of the U.S. Nevertheless, I genuinely think that people that do not like it here should seriously consider going back home! ...more

Over the past ten years my wife and I have traveled to about 60 countries in Asia, Europe, South America and Australia. It saddens me to say that my fellow Americans are the least informed of all t ...more

My my EJ, I don't understand how you manage to come up with the colorful "garbage bin" reference with regards to America, but I do believe that the analogy academics favor these days is more of a "tos ...more
If it were not for indirect democracy, imperialism, pollution, arrogance, ignorance and fat people, the U.S. would be the greatest country ever. A secular America, as stated in the constitution, is ...more
Having lived abroad for 5 years in Switzerland and India, I have experienced a lot of foreign attitudes toward the United States.

Number one, we must all recognize that because the US is so large e ...more

I find it amazing how a lot of people thrash the US for everything yet very few have criticized their own government. yet people from the US do it all the time. most of the people who posted here said ...more
For those of you who hate America, get out, we have enough problems. I admit our country has problems, but instead of complaining about it, do something about it. Or just get out! People don't hate A ...more
The United States of America is the best country in the entire world. It is a known fact that people from other countries are insufficient at being humans and need help from the enlightened Americans. ...more
I don't give a damn what the rest of the world thinks of us!!! Let us cut off our funding and aid to these ungrateful bastards and let them starve/be taken over!!!
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First of all, If we impeached Bush, then Cheney would be in charge. Honestly, if anyone thinks that Cheney would be better than Bush, you need to know more about america before you post here. Also, ...more
im only 15 years old but and found this site by accident. although i dont care much for politics, some people here got a point. i think it was right to invade iraw and afghanistan, but trying to put i ...more
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Keep writing EJ, make this lovely experiment of Karen's your blog of whinery and complaints about the USA. EJ dares everyone to tell her what is so great about America when she knows she will just dis ...more
I'm from America and I agree with much of what is posted. I think the idea of what was America meant to be is lost. I might only be 15 so my cridibility might be off, but I can see what is going on ar ...more
I'm an American and found this site by chance as I was looking at what other countries media was saying about the election. It bothers me when people say that they don't care what the rest of the wor ...more
As a 2nd generation Chinese American, I grew up in New York and was subjected to various racial discrimination and physical attacks during periods of my youth by blacks and caucasians of nameless ethn ...more
i apologize for saying this but...are you people serious? and by you people i mean every person i have read on this blog. as far as i can tell most of the people i see on this site seem to be logical ...more
I'm an American, and I hold these truths to be sef-evident: America is a nation built upon hard work and determnination. The more we are tested and plagued by problems, the harder we push back. Whe ...more
I think the thing I like about the United States is that, generally speaking, anyone can come here and eventually be an American if they want to, and their children will be Americans, etc. If you're b ...more
I have a conflicted relationship with the United States. I love the life it has afforded me, but I hate that it's straying from its founding principles. Or is it?? It's hard to know what really is the ...more
To Michel France I hate to burst your bubble, but Americans do not vote on how the rest of the world wants us to vote. Nor might I add, our elections are nobody's elses business except our own. I a ...more
America the land of the free and home of the brave. While we do not all agree with what is going on overseas it is important that we support the decision. Personally, I feel no need to be in any other ...more
In my opinion, the United States of America is the strongest nation. Living in a free nation, with the right to vote, and make decisions makes America extremely powerful. As a nation we elect a presid ...more
I don't think America is a garbage bin, but I don't think it's the best country. Every country has had its share of unfit leaders and problems within the government. Not everyone in the United State ...more
I think that America is a great country, but that our government hides a lot from the general public. I think that our culture is looked down upon by people from other countries, but ironically, those ...more
LOVE US Quite frankly, don't give a rat's ass what the rest of the world thinks of us. We are TOO engaged in the world and we would better serve ourselves to be more introspective. BTW, why would I c ...more
America has become so tangled in technology's wires I fear people may never feel another human's contact eventually. Communication is fantastic, but whatever happened to writing, to speaking, to holdi ...more
Why do I love America? For starters, I was born there. Another reason? Despite our bloody history (slavery, treatment of Native Americans, etc.) we have never started a World War. Indeed, we stopp ...more
The USA, sadly, though hopefully only for the time being, has become very dominant, not neccessarily in a military sense, which it has, but in a domestic sense. Propaganda seems to be filling the airw ...more
I think that the United States is a great country and that so many people judge and criticize our country's every move, and it's just not fair. They call us selfish people who pay no attention to poo ...more
If it weren't for the United States you and the rest of Europe would be living under Nazi rule right now, we saved your arses son...
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What makes America so great is our freedom. This website is a perfect example. We are allowed to HATE the president, and show it, and we are ALLOWED to disagree with government, and protest it. Americ ...more
I love America with all my heart and soul. I grew up here and I wouldn't rather be anywhere else. Y'all just jealous!
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I am all for America. I live in America, and I always have. The USA is the best country in the WHOLE world, and we are free people. All you other countries are jealous of the fact that we are free peo ...more
I have read comments both denouncing and praising the United States, and my comment is directed to both groups. FOR ALL THOSE WHO LOVE THE USA: Ours is not the only way of life. You say that the Am ...more
Comments like the following are published here reluctantly, and Berkshire Publishing seeks your views on whether we should include them on this site. We set up this site to stimulate free debate an ...more
I will start by saying that I am an American. I am also a student of political science and economics, and spend plenty of time thinking about our place in the world. While I do agree with some critici ...more
Have we all forgotten the real enemy here?!??!?!?!?! you know, the soon as the blacks show up, everything gets ruined. Is there one country ran by blacks that isn't complete garbage? Now t ...more

Hey, folks, this is Karen at Berkshire Publishing. LoveUSHateUs isn't meant to be a discussion forum per se but a collection of insights and observations grounded in personal experience. Ethnograph ...more

I have been reading a lot of comments regarding the need for Americans to travel abroad more. Please answer this question. Why would we want to travel to other countries when US citizens are not li ...more
I'm a U.S. citizen. I have always hated the word patriotism, the phrase "God Bless America," and all of the other sneering, macho bull**** so often spouted by my country's loud, irritating majority(?) ...more
I think that America brings hate upon itself. By trying to be better at everything than everyone else the situation is only manipulated. America also tries much too hard to be in control of everythin ...more
While I strongly believe in America's pure basis, I believe as a whole we are ruining it. We have always been a place of understanding and our recent actions are not ones of equality or truth. Also ou ...more
I believe America is perfect in ideals but not in reality.
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I'm 15 years old, born and raised in the USA, and I still live here.I am the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants. What do I, as a US citizen, think of this country? I believe, as a whole, the USA is hyp ...more
Depressing how poorly understood we Americans are...blows me away how incorrect some of these basic perceptions are...I remember reading a reputable UK column about Marion Cotillard's faux pas, claimi ...more
Really a lot of Americans don't think ourselves to be more than any other country. We do tend to be very patriotic especially when its something that we do support. We support our troops but not the c ...more
Anyone who wants to know more about what the US governments have been doing all along should read: "A People's history of the United States". Do not assume that the US has not secretly interfered in ...more
I understand many of the comments submitted by people around the world. The United States of America is in no way perfect, yet I feel many people greatly misunderstand my country. For decades, the ...more
The United States is only 232 years old. Our history is young, and we usually ignore history. For example, many Mexicans remember their huge loss to American forces in 1847. Americans could care less, ...more

America is showing the world its incompetence again with the evacuation of its citizens from Lebanon.

Oh yes, I agree with Anon UK and King George UK : Americans do think they are the best peo ...more

Your quote: "Obsessed by their hatred and floundering in illogicality, these dupes [Europeans who say the U.S. foreign policy brought on terrorist attacks] forget that the United States, acting i ...more
Love us or hate us.... I feel very privileged to be an American. In retrospect, I hate Europeans. I wish that the United States never would have helped Europe in both of their world wars. We should ha ...more
The Revel quote comes from his book, "Anti-Americanism" (2003). Here's what Publisher's Weekly had to say about it: "In 1972, Revel shocked the world with his best-selling book, Without Marx or Jesus, ...more
Thanks Anon USA for your knowledge of Revel and your explanation. I have come to the conclusion in my advanced age that nobody is absolutely right or wrong. So you can't absolutely love nor hate the U ...more

From an article entitled, "The Shame of Being an American" by Paul Craig Roberts:

"...Neocon David Horowitz says that by slaughtering Palestinian and Lebanese civilians, 'Israel is doing the ...more

How can a country that condones stupidity be considered one of the greatest nations on earth? Their ignorance is no's fact.
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Nobody will believe this, but it is true. Last night on a popular game show called Jeopardy, a contestant whose job I do not recall, from New Mexico, stated that he is called quite often by visitors f ...more

I talked to an American living in Hong Kong this week. He told me that when people from home come to visit they ask, "Are there roads?"

I thought he was exaggerating for effect.

< ...more
Looking to win the lottery? I already did... I was born in America. There's no place I'd rather be.
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'I see a lot of people yelling for peace but I have not heard of a plan for peace. So, here's one plan.'

1) 'The US will apologize to the world for our 'interference' in their affairs, past & p ...more

Living here with British immigrant parents, I have a lot of perspective on the country I live in.

LOVE: The great food. British food is very bland in comparison. Although, the great mix of cultures ...more

Some U.S.-bashing email I received from a Canadian:

Subject: Ignorance in America:

Most Americans don't know Canada is their biggest supplier of oil, the largest foreign supplier of crud ...more

I'm in love with the idealism of the Constitution and our Founders. Unfortunately, it seems that in every moment of stress, Americans are too ready to sell out those ideals for an illusory "safety."...more
I was born and live in the United States, and I don't like it very much at all. You may call me ungrateful, but to be in a "land of the free", the government does a fantastic job of stripping people's ...more
To Michel, France: If you are interested in who governs really here, try to get your hand on this book: "9/11 and American Empire - Intellectuals Speak out", edited by David Ray Griffin and Peter Da ...more
To anybody, like Michel, who wants to know more, here is another book I recommend: DISCOVERING AMERICA AS IT IS, by Valdas Anelauskas. Valdas was a dissident journalist in the Soviet Union and was ...more
It's not about Countries, it's about a well ochestrated propaganda hate mongering entity. And every county has it. HEY-LOOK OVER THERE...Why? Because I don't want you to see what I'm doing to you. 80% ...more
YurokJames, you are very wise. What you say is right on. Also, here is something I just found that Gore Vidal said recently: "GORE VIDAL: Well, there are many odious traits that Americans have tha ...more
I'm back on the subject of driving, after spending five hours on rural American roads. Incidentally, these roads are often in terrible repair. Not as bad, however, as the motorways in California, wher ...more
Why I hate America.

I’m a Native American. You say we make money by our casinos; take it away. Don’t you think you taken enough away from us? What about California. What about the land you promise ...more

"Real American": Your posting moved me to tears. I welcome your rage. What peaceful and loving country this land would have been in your hands. The respect your people have had for the land would ...more
What are the "hard parts" not done by the Europeans? I have the impression that the Europeans have known their fair share of wars, no? They sure know what it is. America has never had a war, on its te ...more

The Great Depression was an era following the stock market crash of 1929, bravo FDR; or is it just a geologic term; or would the term seem to describe a portal, a dark passageway that some must end ...more

I implore for Americans to open their minds, eyes and souls because even as a Mexican-American, I feel misunderstood in my own country. Before Americans can understand the rest of the world, they must ...more
Capitalism breeds success! Money, power, and oil go hand in hand.

I've traveled the globe many times. I've seen and compared my own country to the rest of the world. The majority of the world i ...more

I totally agree with Nathan! My grandfather served in the U.S. Army and fought in the Battle of the Bulge in WW2. He was a decorated war hero having been injured twice in combat. I think of the blood, ...more

After 9/11, Europeans were saying, "We are all Americans now." Here's where it came from.

We Are All Americans

Jean-Marie Colombani, Le Monde (liberal), Paris, France, Se ...more

I found this quote in our newspaper, Saturday July 22, 06: "Everything that happens in the U.S. we get in Africa. People think we live in the bush and have lions in our backyards." Thull Sithole, M ...more
One of the things that is wrong about this country is this kind of dualistic thinking. Love or hate. Another is trying to influence people through hatred and fear. These are the main tools of gov ...more
Why do we care what the rest of the world think of us? We are a new country in the big picture, not an antiquated colony of Nazi Germany (France). Yet everybody wants to be like us. There are peo ...more
By the way, some of these posts are the funniest things I've ever read. I'm crying laughing right now. Read the one by the guy from Palau or one of the individual from Thailand! It kind of sucks th ...more
I wish to share my very first experience of arriving in America in 1979. My husband got transferred by his company and the man he was replacing came with his wife to visit us in Holland were we lived ...more
It seems that our president's casual style--calling out, "Yo, Blair" at the G8 Summit--has done even more damage to Tony Blair's standing. From a story in the Seattle Times, http://seattletimes.nwsour ...more
I live in America but I do not consider myself an American. I just happened to be stuck here because of money issues. In this country they charge outragous prices for college or they want you in the ...more
What a pathetic collection of petulant blathering most of these hate-America comments are. Talk about arrogance - the European nationals writing on this site are the height of it. As though Europe has ...more
I live in America and I too see the injustices like those abroad do. We get in other countries business, though sometimes rightfully so, we occupy other countries without need. I don't see other count ...more
Hey Berkshire: Are you all on vacation or are you boycotting me? Hope it is the former! Regards. EJ
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Nathan: how can you say the rest of the world is light years behind the USA? The US has not even adopted the metric system and the 220 voltage yet. That, to me is already an indication of "behindness" ...more
WCG: Because of the hackers I have read again one of your messages where you say you hope America will survive and "continue to share what we have with the world". America does not share with other ...more
Yono: I agree. I should not have said that I treat all "friendly Americans" with a 10 foot pole. That's an exaggeration because yes, there must be genuine friendly Americans. I will now add that all ...more
Why does the United States get abbreviated to "USA" on the drop down menu when I choose my country, but every other nation on Earth gets to have their full name printed...its just that kind of double ...more
King George UK: here is a bit of an article you will find interesting: "In response to a clergyman who criticized his decision, Truman wrote: 'Nobody is more disturbed over the use of atomic bombs tha ...more
America is big enough to be like Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities opening: "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times...." There is something for everyone, not unlike the way people woul ...more
Americans are supposed to be so egalitarian but they have an out of control tipping culture: wait staff have to put up and shut up to get their 20 per cent tip (20 per cent—it’s incredible). This is i ...more
Mark D. Aust.: You chastise Claire of Canada but that is how she feels and what Americans makes her feel like. As I understand it, this is a forum to try and understand how the rest of the world sees ...more
I just read this comment by Peter in Australia: "The United States Constitution needs to be changed. The fact that George W. Bush is still the President of the United States when the Democrats have ...more
This is not a perfect country, but what country is? This is my home and most of the people I know here are good people and mean. After living over seas in the military, I've discovered that those who ...more
A book was published this year by Andrew Kohut and Bruce Stokes, "America Against the World: How We Are Different and Why We Are Disliked" (Times Books 2006). You can find an excerpt on http://www.bal ...more
I just *had* to say something. I think it was Mandy who mentioned that all Americans...sorry NORTH Americans were spoiled because of MTV's Super Sweet Sixteen. At first I laughed at that comment. A ...more
“Why does anyone want to believe that hatred and murder are the best way of expressing their mission in life. What happened to caring for and helping other human beings through acts of caring, giving ...more
Fredrico you are blinded by hatred. This world would be one giant concentration camp if it were not for US "intervention" assistance, military, private charity and govt humanitarian aid. You should ...more
A lot of the comments on this website are very hurtful to me as an American. Every society of course is going to have its flaws, and as the US has grown it has grown into bigger flaws. That does not ...more
Despite what everyone says about the "Great Satan" there are certain facts that cannot be ignored: 1) a higher percentage of Americans hold bachelor degrees than any nation on earth except Japan. 2) ...more
I find it so annoying with the American bashing on here, especially from the Europeans. But then again, they are always playing nice to Americans when they want something from us, using our military, ...more
Well, I guess the world has many opinions and bravo for all who have the courage to voice them. I am happy to go further into the feelings of an American who feels that the perpetration of the attack ...more

I used to love the USA when I first came here in 1962 for a year. Then I came back to live here in 1979 with my family. It has been a big falling out of love, nearly from the beginning. And now, I ...more

EJ... you have to be the most blinded American (Yes - you ARE an American) in the history of the world. Children do NOT grow up in America thinking the things you outlined here: http://www.loveusha ...more
I don't understand why there is such animosity traveling through the hearts of so many people in today's society. If only the world lived in a utopian society. But sadly, this fantasy will never come ...more
Have just seen Philippine de Dalle comment, to which I respond here: Philippine, have you asked Canada and Mexico how they would like to add so many people who voted for Bush twice, to their own soci ...more
The self-righteous European Union often moans and complains incessantly about America's human rights record. This coming from an entire continent that started two massive world wars and slaughtered ov ...more
Hold on Rex. To say "...and your treatment of the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay beggars belief. I can never forgive you all for allowing this to happen" seems a bit unfair. We too, as Americans, are s ...more
Every time I go abroad (often enough, believe me), I see people walking around wearing Levi's jeans, eating McDonald's, shopping at Walmart, and speaking English. American culture obviously has severe ...more
And so we sit and wait. Wondering when. When will the terrorists strike again. How bad will it be for the USA. Will they obtain a nuclear device and strike at the USA with it? Enjoy today's sere ...more

Terrorism Is a Tactic by Charley Reese

"Terrorism is a tactic, not an entity, and it is a tactic used by people who have a political grievance. Therefore, if you want to eliminate terrori ...more

Golly Gee Wilikers "Yo America" your right, that is the classic definition of "liberal" prior to it's hijacking by the modern left who obviously no longer pledge to these traditional liberal beliefs. ...more
Tale of the discovery of the World, by the brothers Grinning.

Once upon a time there were some persecuted religious people who sailed across the sea and discovered a nice land with people who g ...more

The one thing that will cripple America will not be wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but our doomed economy. The housing downturn and mortgage crisis is minor. It's already been stated that Medicare and ...more
The George W. Bush Presidency and the GOP/Republicans have done colossal damage to America which has reduced our country to being the most hated nation on earth. I used to believe in the American Drea ...more
Peace is something always mentioned but NEVER rightfully exercised. If world peace were to actually happen, the governments of the world would lose their spending funds. I personally can't stand how t ...more
Can any American in this forum explain to us foreigners why they "love to kick-ass." I saw yesterday a pickup truck with a sticker that said "Women love to kick-ass too." To Dennis P. USA : I ...more
MT and Nate are the smart, informed, Americans. This site has waited a long time for them.

There is a lot of talks right now on TV, radio (npr) and press about the Super Delegates and their effec ...more

Back to a bit of reality for all you liberals / socialists / communists / nazis and any other ism's that we helped defeat since our founding over 200 years ago:

"We will not waver; we will not t ...more

Honestly I don't think the United States can take another four to eight years of someone like John McCain. America right now in my opinion is like a wet towel being squeezed so hard by our politicians ...more
Gosh, Bill Smithers, I didn't realize we defeated the liberals along with Nazis, communists, and socialists. Oh, those evil liberals. Here's the dangerous definition of liberalism from Webster's: "a ...more
Live life to the fullest. Work hard, have a little fun. Make a little love, do a little dance. Turn, turn, turn the answer is blowin in the wind. Shalom.
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Mark D: Thank you for your interest on my position or positions... I was talking of people in general because yes, there are the Palestinians, ETA in Spain, the Irish problem, the Kurds, the Tamil T ...more
EJ, Perhaps you will try reading from those who have changed the world the most and of all things, they have used peaceful means, through peaceful methods, start with Gandhi, maybe check out Joseph a ...more
Does anyone still believes that there is free speech in America?

Well think again.

There are books you can only get in Canada or Britain, because no one will publish them here. Too controvers ...more

I wonder if bashing the US makes others feel better about their own countries? I can easily find the pros of every country I've visited and dismiss most of the cons as human nature that is present in ...more
Everyone who bases their opinions of America on what others' tell them and not on actual facts or experiences should not mindlessly pass judgment. We take all the criticism because we are the most pow ...more
According to Michael Dailey: "anyone has availibility to food, shelter, clothing and healthcare... no matter what" ??? Go to: ...more
From Karen at Berkshire: This site is an experiment, and the recent discussion here has helped us plan some design changes that should make the project more interesting and productive. This note is fo ...more
I have been observing the world of politics since I was a teen and that represents 5 decades. I have lived in 5 different countries, and three states of the USA. WCC : I am not pro-violence nor a Hi ...more

By the way I think it is time for me to talk about what I love in America, isn't it? Obviously it seems that my criticisms make me look like a VIOLENT person !!! (here we go again).

I love ...more

Michael Dailey: read this: Can the US today really compare with Czechoslovakia in 1975?Tim Dowling The Guardian, Thursday March 13 2008

Nine-times Wimbledon champion Martina Navratilova has re ...more

The U.S. never elected Bush. Although over 55 million people voted for him, more people voted for Gore and Kerry. If it wasn't for Bush's big brother Jeb and the corrupt Republicans in Florida, we wou ...more
In the US, we have this idea that if we're not working at 120% capacity, we're not busy enough. We take on way more than is humanly possible and then (understandably) fail to be able to complete it on ...more
I love America!
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I love this country and wouldn't live anywhere else. We're not perfect, is any country? But we're pretty darn good!!
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There are some kinks in the american society that NEED to be worked out (ie: materialism) But American is a great place to live and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. (that is, unless it got me out ...more
I love the U.S. It's not perfect, but then again, it's not supposed to be. Luckily, we have the U.S. Constitution to help us through those imperfect moments.
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America is a great place to live, a great place to work, a great place to make or listen to beautiful music together. Take a car tour and see all 48 contigous states just once before you die. You will ...more
America -- home of great music from country to jazz to rock and roll to Gershwin and so much more. America -- home of great movies. America -- where the belief in higher education and your children do ...more
American drivers range from bad to intolerable. It's individualism run amok: I've spent 45 minutes behind a driver who doesn't seem to know the car has mirrors and couldn't care less that there is any ...more
When I lived in England, people said I was a "gung-ho American." And it was an insult, even if said jokingly. I love America because it's okay to be gung-ho. (And here's a great thing: the term gung-h ...more
No one does plumbing like Americans. Showers with lots of water pressure, plenty of hot water, and a ridiculous number of bathrooms in every house or flat. But the bathtubs are nonexistent or too smal ...more
What Germans consider pleasant silence, Americans consider an awkward moment. Americans feel compelled to fill every moment of silence with conversation.
when will bystolic go ...more
The food here tastes odd. There's some flavor that I can't quite put my finger on, but it's in everything, from meats to vegetables to the bread. Maybe it's partially hydrogenated soy bean oil, or may ...more
I think there's a lot more freedom in America than there is in the rest of the world, at least the parts of it I have seen, for women to be equal partners with men in pursuits outside the bedroom. ...more
I am shocked at how many places accept credit cards in the USA. There's an ad on the radio right now about how McDonald's now accepts credit cards! I have $0.07 cents in my wallet, and because I have ...more
I can't believe how friendly people are here. We've been here about 3 weeks, and we already know our neighbors, we've already been to a party, and we've already received a bunch of lunch and dinner in ...more
I am constantly shocked at how overweight Americans are. A favorite hobby of mine in Germany was girl-watching at the mall. Here, though, it seems like every girl who's old enough to have a figure is ...more
Here's what a young Kenyan man told me, "To my grandmother, the whole world outside our country was "America." I had an old cap and she admonished me one day not to wear it when I went to America. I w ...more
I love American potluck dinners! I don't know if the name comes from the Native American potlatch, but the concept is a great one, one of the the most convivial aspects of US life today. I could never ...more
It's the land of women's sports! Sure, it took federal laws that were all about money (funding for schools would be cut if they didn't give girls equal access, facilities, etc.), but there is a growin ...more
I was given this website by the Karen C. club of Cincinatti, Ohio. We are all named Karen, with the last name beginning with "C". This seems like a great place to speak to other Karens, so I just th ...more
I love American coffee shops. Not Starbucks. I mean those old-fashioned places where the waitresses are curt, unless you're one of the regulars they dote on; the coffee is never good, and the place is ...more
I remember my late Mother saying in the 1950s that America was like Rome and I hope what happens to the romans doesn't happen here. Not a new idea, yet still a concern. My Mother loved America too and ...more
After Columbus 'discovered' America, it was considered a large continent going from from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. But since the US became a world player US Americans considered America is only the ...more
Americans live in front of the TV (or "telly") but it is only a medium. To quote Ernie Kovacs: "Television: A medium. So called because it's neither rare nor well done."
new p ...more
I am a US citizen currently living in the US. I have lived abroad for several years and have visited scores of other countries with a chance to interact with the citizens. I too am appalled at USAers ...more
"Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed." Abraham Lincoln, 1858. The challenge today, if it is possible, is to balance public opinion w ...more
This is an absolutely marvelous idea. America is the third most populated country in the world behind China and India. It is the fourth largest country in land mass behind Russia, Canada and China. Am ...more
The Love boat.
US Love stamps.
VE art.
Isn't she lovely?
Love child.
Make love, not war.
I Love Lucy.
Love you Mom.
Love you Dad.
I love how you ...more
dbowman: That's it? Are you finished and do you feel better? Good. You can go shine your shoes now!

Geez, lighten up fellow! Can't take criticism can you? At least it is on a site you do not HAVE ...more

I love the comments! Hey, say what you want about Anerica, the best thing we ever did was kick out those sorry ass English. LOL!

I get a kick out of all you self-righteous Europeans who have s ...more

Views of America in Song
In America, Charlie Daniels;
Only In America, Jay Black and the Americans;
We're Coming to America, Neil Diamond;
Over the Rainbow, Judy Garland;
An ...more
I would just like to say that GWB is the worst President I have seen in the 34 years I've been in the USA.
how early can you get an abortion ...more
The USA, some can be as hard line as Love It or Leave It. Some can be as ridiculous as torturing prisoners and forgetting the Geneva Convention while inventing new phrases to justify anger. Sneak atta ...more
So much varied input and deep feeling.
Is it already two months since that Welcome blog?
Amazing how fast this website became state-of-the-art with a forum, a wiki and a blog.
Lo ...more
Perhaps the sad truth of what this country is made of can be found in why 99% of us ever feel the need to help someone else...because it makes US, personally, feel better. What's even sadder is that o ...more
American as baseball and apple pie. Be it Mrs. Smith's, or Grannies, aren't pies just great? America, home of many great foods and games. Got to love it!!!
cheap viagr ...more
Thanks Yono, Happy New Year to you too, and to the World. To Uncle Sam (USA): in 200 years, how many wars has the USA waged (and so many lost), and add a bloody civil war. Just put into your heads th ...more
Michel: Kathleen didn't say that it's not important for people to be informed about other people's cultures. She simply made a valid point: Many (obviously not all) Europeans don't seem to realize ...more
"Guide to Anti-Americanism." If you've ever wanted to fit in at European Dinner Parties, anti-globalism protests, or at a Harvard faculty meeting this is an article you must read! http://ronaldreaga ...more


I visit the US several times a year, but am very glad not to be living there. Its hard to explain, there’s barely an American I’ve met who I didn’t like. Warmth and friendliness seems to be a national ...more
I think America is a powerful and intelligent country. We try and help those in need from other countries, and are diverse and for the most part accepting of people of different races and with differe ...more


Does it really make people feel better to hate? Look at all the countries that have people literally starving to death because of hate. Death is something that should be natural, not brought on by hat ...more

Virgin Islands (British)

Honestly? I am so tired of America. Yes, I live here. I say the Pledge every single freaking morning, day after day, and only once have I meant it. ONCE. Once, when a little kindergarten-er stood up o ...more